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National CPR Association

Welcome to the National CPR Association

We offer professional certification and recertification in CPR / AED, First Aid, Basic Life Support (BLS), ACLS, PALS, Neonatal Resuscitation, Bloodborne Pathogens, and Infant CPR that can be completed entirely online in less than several hours. After passing the examinations through our online program, you will immediately receive a pdf copy of your certification card.

The Practical Approach to Medical Certifications

All of our coursework is 100% online and there are no clinical skills checks. You’ll never attend an in-person class, as all of our materials, including practice tests and exams, are completely virtual. Most importantly, our test preparation is based on the latest American Heart Association (AHA), ILCOR, ECC and ARC guidelines. Our Bloodborne Pathogens course is also OSHA based.

A Method that Produces Efficient Results

We understand that you have a busy schedule, and we know you want a proficient learning process and quick results. As a result, our team of experts has created training courses – an industry-leading path that leads directly towards certification and recertification success.

A Flexible High Quality Solution

Our goal at the National CPR Association is to make sure your test preparation experience is streamlined and fluid. We only focus on the most important materials you’ll need to pass your exam and receive certification.

Curriculum Created by Certified Healthcare Professionals

Our coursework and examinations were carefully prepared by experienced healthcare experts. As part of our commitment towards providing you with the best learning outcomes possible, our team focuses on efficient and effective learning. That way you can attend your online renewal courses and successfully achieve certification in the quickest way possible.

A Variety of Essential Career Credentials

The National CPR Association offers certification and recertification in CPR / AED, ACLS, PALS, Neonatal Resuscitation, Blood Borne Pathogens, BLS, Infant CPR, and First Aid. When it comes to your career prospects, these valuable credentials are some of the most essential. Our licensed healthcare providers created and written materials were created to provide a quick and easy way to get certified online. We believe our online learning platform will provide you with the best learning experience possible.

Study and Take the Exam at Your Own Pace

A key part of providing you with the best service that the industry can provide is ensuring that you have unlimited 24/7 access to all online class materials. This way, you can study at your pace and on your schedule.

Built for Today’s Modern Lifestyle

It’s now possible to study and prepare on the go, as you can conveniently access our learning materials on your computer, tablet or even your phone.

Advantages of Our Certification and Renewal Courses

The National CPR Association provides you with a range of unparalleled test preparation benefits. These key benefits include free and unlimited practice tests and classes, unlimited and free exam retakes, and even ongoing support after you have passed your exam.

CPR / AED Certification and Recertification

A large percentage of our members gain their CPR and AED certification and renewal through our program. Our online study guide focuses on life-saving material including using the AED as well as wound care, strokes and heart attacks. All materials are based on the latest 2020 AHA, ILCOR, ECC and ARC (American Red Cross) Guidelines.

Bloodborne Pathogens Certification and Recert

The National CPR Association’s Bloodborne Pathogens course focuses on how to prevent disease transmission. We also ensure that students learn all the precautions necessary to reduce exposure to pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and parasites.

Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification and Renewal

Our organization also offers 100% online certification and recertification courses in BLS, or Basic Life Support for the Healthcare Provider. Passing students walk away with the knowledge of how to care for those with life threatening injuries. This course is recommended for participants with a wide variety of background knowledge, as our students include both layman as well as those working in the medical field.

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) Certification and Renewal

The National CPR Association’s Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) certification and recertification courses were created to help you learn how to provide cardiovascular life support in a range of situations. Designed by licensed medical professionals, these programs provide instruction for everything from cardiac arrest and stroke to other life-threatening medical situations.

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) Certification and Renewal

Our Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) certification and recertification courses teach how to both recognize and treat life-threatening issues among children and infants. Created by our carefully chosen team of licensed medical professionals, these courses cover a range of life-saving topics ranging from cardiopulmonary arrest to defibrillation.

Neonatal Resuscitation Certification and Renewal

The National CPR Association’s Neonatal Resuscitation certification and recertification courses carefully cover what students need to know regarding infant resuscitation. Created by our team of licensed medical professionals, this program teaches today’s most advanced neonatal resuscitation techniques.

Infant CPR Certification and Recertification

The National CPR Association offers completely online infant CPR courses that focuses on saving the lives of the youngest children. This AHA based curriculum covers the special knowledge necessary for when you’re dealing with care for newborns, covering cardiopulmonary resuscitation, choking and much more.

First Aid Certification and Recertification

Following the most recent AHA, ILCOR, ECC and ARC Guidelines, our First Aid certification course covers all the necessary knowledge to administer first aid to adults and children. Once you successfully pass your examination and receive your provider card, you’ll be ready to save lives by stopping everything from choking to drowning.

Unlimited Examination Retakes

If you don’t pass your exam, don’t worry, as we are proud to offer you free and unlimited exam retakes. You will be able to review any answers that were not answered correctly and attempt again immediately.

Ongoing Support and Training

Once you do successfully pass, you will continue to enjoy unlimited access to all of our study material, training classes and online modules for a full 2 additional years. And when you’re ready to recertify, we’ll be here for you. Again, our goal is your success!

Ask About Group Discounts

The National CPR Association is also pleased to offer group discounts on all of our programs. To learn more about our group discounts or get in touch with our industry-leading customer service team, simply send us an email today.

Our Customer Service Department

Our team usually responds to all customer requests in several hours. We’re happy to help you sign up, answer any questions about your online course, or assist you in setting up your team for a group discount.

Start Using Your Credentials Immediately

Once you have passed your final examination, receiving your documentation couldn’t be any easier, as we immediately email a pdf copy of your certification cards. You can instantly print out this document and begin using it as proof that you have passed the exam.

Our nationally accepted cards include your name, when you passed the exam and your instructor’s name and instructor number. There is no mention on the card that the class was taken online. We recommend that you laminate it and keep it in your wallet.

Secure Online Payment Options

We have made it easy to use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover to pay for your courses. Payments can be made online 24/7. We are diligent about protecting your personal details and use SSL privacy services to ensure safe online payments.

You deserve the most expedient and convenient path to learning life saving techniques, and that is exactly what the National CPR Association provides. Start enjoying efficient and results-driven learning outcomes today!


Two thumbs up for your professional customer service department.

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Thanks to the National CPR Association, I just laminated my new First Aid certification card and put it in my…

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Is there a limit to the number of times I can take…

There is no limit to the number of times you can take a test. We continue to support you until you pass your exam.

What types of courses do you have available?

We have courses for CPR/AED, Blood Borne Pathogens and First Aid.

Who created and designed your courses?

We are proud to state that all of our course materials are created exclusively and without exception by certified healthcare providers. You’ll receive the very best materials when you opt for…

Where do I attend classes?

Our courses are exclusively 100% online. You will never have to attend a class of any kind.

Are there skills tests?

No. There are no skills tests required.

I read that there are practice tests. How many times can I…

There is no limit to the number of times that you can take one of our practice tests and all practice tests are completely free.

National CPR Association

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100% Online and Available 24/7

We believe that you should be able to receive your CPR/AED, First Aid and Blood Borne Pathogen exam courses online. We also feel that students should be able to study whenever and wherever they wish. It is our goal to help you achieve your certification in the fastest and easiest way possible.

Expert Healthcare Provider Created Materials

At the National CPR Association, we believe that you deserve the very best. This is why our entire curriculum is produced by qualified healthcare professionals. Through offering materials of the highest caliber possible, we are able to quickly prepare you for these important and life-saving tests.

We Support You!

In addition to our healthcare professional created practice exams and test preparation materials, we do everything possible to support you. You can keep taking your test until you pass; tests are always free. Once you pass your examination, you’ll still enjoy access to all of your training modules for 2 additional years.