First Aid Certification

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This Course Includes:
  • 100% online and accessible 24/7
  • The fastest path to certification or recertification
  • All materials created by our licensed healthcare providers
  • Based on AHA, ILCOR, ECC and ARC Guidelines
  • Industry leading preparation materials
  • Free practice tests & free exam retakes
  • Fully based on American Heart Association guidelines
  • Instant pdf copy of certification documents
  • You’ll learn about cardiac arrest, drug overdoses, choking & more





First Aid Certification – Fast, Easy, and 100% Online

Achieving first aid certification can make the difference between life and death. The National CPR Association is here to provide you with a highly-effective, intuitive and easy path towards your first aid certification.

Our fast and easy first aid certification course provides is completely online and provides you with all the instruction you need to administer first aid to both adults and children. This life-saving course provides detailed instruction in how to administer first aid for everything from cardiac arrest and choking to drug overdoses, electric shock, drowning and more, such as the proper use of automatic electronic defibrillators.

Curriculum Created by Top Healthcare Providers

It doesn’t get much more important than saving a life when you have the opportunity to do so. That’s why our entire program was created by experienced and certified licensed healthcare providers.

It is our goal to provide you with all the materials you need to pass your first aid certification or recertification exam and do so in a streamlined and effective manner. This means that all of our expert created study materials and practice tests have been carefully designed to provide you with the very best in study and examination materials.

100% Online- Study at Your Own Pace

Through the National CPR Association, you have the fastest and most direct path to first aid certification or renewal possible. As a result, our exam is completely 100% online. That means you’ll never have to attend a class in person.

You study at your own rate and take the exam when you feel you are ready. We provide free, unlimited first aid certification practice test and free exam retakes when needed. In short, we support you on your way towards achieving your first-aid certification in every way possible.

The National CPR Association Continues to Support You

Even after you achieve your first aid cert or recert, we will continue to support you. You’ll receive instant certification via email. This certificate features the name and medical license number of your instructor as well as your name and the date you passed the test. We also provide you with access to our first aid training modules for up to two years after you pass the exam.

Knowing First Aid Saves Lives

Having a person around who is first aid certified can mean the difference between life and death. The National CPR Association provides laypersons and health professionals with the chance to learn life-saving skills on a flexible schedule. No more boring classrooms, or having to take a day off of work.

Study Smarter, Pass the Exam More Quickly

A fast, effective path to earning your first aid certification is important to everyone, and we know your time is valuable. We’ve designed this course to deliver all the information you need in a completely online format, with plenty of easy to master modules to deliver a fast learning experience and leave you with maximum comprehension.

Our Course is Based on all of the Latest Guidelines

Our 100% online course is based on AHA, ILCOR, ECC, and ARC guidelines. This ensures that you have the latest information and the right skills to properly perform lifesaving procedures in the field under all types of circumstances. Our online classes present a variety of scenarios so you can be as prepared as possible.

Free Unlimited Practice Testing and Retakes

Use our free, unlimited practice tests to see how well you are comprehending and retaining information. When you are ready to take your final exam, we also offer you unlimited retakes at no extra cost, with instant grading so you can see the questions you missed on your test.

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