Neonatal Resuscitation Certification

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This Course Includes:
  • 100% Online Neonatal Resuscitation certification
  • Fast and convenient Neonatal Resuscitation certification training
  • Curriculum and study materials created by our Medical Review Board
  • Courses created based on the latest ILCOR, ECC, AHA, & AAP NRP guidelines
  • Best-in-class Neonatal Resuscitation training materials
  • Complementary practice tests and free final exam retakes
  • Instant digital copy of your provider card sent to your email
  • Complete Neonatal Resuscitation video training included





Fast & Convenient Neonatal Resuscitation Certification

We understand the needs of busy healthcare professionals with hectic schedules. Careers in the medical field leave little time for much else. So when it’s time for your Neonatal Resuscitation certification, it feels almost impossible to carve time out of your full agenda for an in-person course.

That’s why National CPR Association has created a convenient 100% online course that prioritizes you. With our intuitive and digital curriculum, you can study on any digital device whenever it is most suitable for you. Our user-friendly training allows you to save your progress and return wherever you left when you are ready.

We understand that medical professionals are results-oriented people. Therefore, we created a results-oriented Neonatal Resuscitation course to match your needs.

Our Neonatal Resuscitation certification was created by our Medical Review Board. Additionally, our unique course is based on the best practices suggested by the American Academy of Pediatrics’ NRP and the latest American Heart Association guidelines. Our team of medical experts leverage its years of experience caring for and treating neonates during critical medical emergencies. This certification course is not endorsed or approved by the AAP.

As one of the industry leaders in emergency medical certifications, our Neonatal Resuscitation certification course includes the most extensive digital study materials available 100% online.

Our course is perfect for all types of learners. If you prefer to study visually, we offer hundreds of video lessons. If you are someone who prefers the traditional academic environment, our robust study guides will get you ready for your exam. Furthermore, we offer flash cards, algorithms, megacode simulators, and games.

Free Practice Tests, Exam Retakes, and Training Center Included

When you sign up for our Neonatal Resuscitation certification course, you’ll gain access to a diverse training center complete with free practice tests and unlimited exam retakes.

Our goal is to give you as many resources as possible to complete your certification quickly and efficiently. We understand that the right tools make your job easier, so our knowledge base toolkit is full of the resources you need to succeed.

Ongoing Support During and After Certification

While studying, you might have questions. National CPR Association stands out for its commitment to student success. Reach out to one of our online instructors, and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

After passing the final exam, the provider card is instantaneously sent to your email. Feel free to print it or send a digital copy directly to your employer.

The support continues after receiving your certification. Your account stays active for the two years your Neonatal Resuscitation certification is valid. So if you find the need to brush up on an algorithm or refer to our study guide, all of our resources remain available.

One of the Nation’s Leader in 100% Online Neonatal Resuscitation Certification

Being 100% online certification program doesn’t mean we are limited. In fact, our training and curriculum are there for you anytime you need it. Access our courses from any digital device, including a laptop, tablet, or phone.

What if my employer requires an on-site training course?

Our Neonatal Resuscitation course is 100% online, making getting your certification convenient and hassle-free. However, some employers might ask for you to obtain a Neonatal Resuscitation certification in-person. In this case, 100% online courses won’t be right for you, and you’ll need to obtain your certification through an in-person training center.

Even if this is the case, you can still study for your Neonatal Resuscitation certification using the resources in our free training center. Included are digital study guides, practice tests, and flash cards. We also offer best-in-class Neonatal Resuscitation-based videos and instructional animated whiteboards.

How to Prepare for an In-person Neonatal Resuscitation Course

An in-person Neonatal Resuscitation course requires you to attend a day-long class at a physical location. Here are some tips so you can get the most out of an in-person training class.

Get plenty of rest

A local certification course requires an entire day’s worth of attention. A quality sleep the night before will ensure your brain is ready to learn.

Bring your own supplies

Pack some pencils, pens, and a notebook. Most likely, the instructor will provide some of these, but why take the risk? Furthermore, many people prefer writing with their favorite brand of pen or pencil, and the ones provided at in-person courses are usually cheap.

Review before you arrive

Be at the head of the class by brushing up on your skills before you arrive at the in-person course. Utilize our free training center featuring a robust Neonatal Resuscitation study guide, along with practice tests, videos, algorithms, megacode simulators, and flash cards.

Is Neonatal Resuscitation Certification the same as NRP Certification?

Our team wants to make it perfectly clear — our Neonatal Resuscitation certification course is not the same as NRP training. 

NRP is a course created and offered only by the AAP and AHA. There is no 100% online option for NRP certification because it’s an in-person training.

Our Neonatal Resuscitation certification is based on the latest best practices in neonatal care, utilizing the most up-to-date medical information available. Our students love our course because it can be completed 100% online.

We do recommend students to check with their employers if they accept our Neonatal Resuscitation certification. However, if your human resources department requires you to take in-person training, you will not be able to take our online course.

The Truth About Neonatal Resuscitation Certification

Many students have questions regarding the differences and similarities between our Neonatal Resuscitation certification and the AAP’s NRP certification. To help, we wrote this section to set the record straight.

To be clear, our Neonatal Resuscitation certification is not the same as the AAP’s NRP certification. Our course is based on the latest AHA, ILCOR, and AAP NRP guidelines, but there are no associations with anything offered by the AAP. NRP certification must be taken in person through the AAP/AHA and there are no entirely online options.

Because we know how difficult it is for healthcare providers to take an entire day off of work, we created Neonatal Resuscitation certification as an online alternative, that doesn’t require the whole day in the classroom.

Our Neonatal Resuscitation certification is fast, convenient, and entirely web-based. In fact, you’ll learn many of the life-saving skills you would at an in-person training.

Our curriculum is reviewed by our Medical Review Board and used by healthcare providers both nationally and internationally.

Acceptance of our certification is ultimately up to the discretion of your HR department. If you are concerned with acceptance, we always recommend first checking to see what requirements you might need to follow.

Utilizing a Success-Driven Online Education Option

National CPR Association offers all the tools needed to successfully achieve your Neonatal Resuscitation certification. Our Medical Review Board peer-reviews and fact-checks all training materials and sources to ensure medical accuracy and to meet the standards of the AHA, ILCOR, and the ECC. We take pride in our service and standards that set us apart from the competition.

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