PALS Certification

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This Course Includes:
  • PALS Certification Course completely online
  • Easiest, fastest, most cost-effective PALS Course
  • 100% of all materials created by National CPR Association’s licensed healthcare providers
  • 100% of all materials based on AHA, ILCOR, ECC & ARC Guidelines
  • High-quality, expert created materials
  • Materials 100% based on American Heart Association guidelines
  • Free practice test & free exam retakes
  • Receive a free, instant copy of your certification documents





PALS Certification-Your Comprehensive Path to PALS Certification

The National CPR Association’s PALS online training course was created for those seeking the very best in educational outcomes. Through our PALS certification course, you’ll learn everything you need to know regarding the guidelines for managing critically ill infants and children, including recognizing cardiopulmonary arrest in infants and children. All this and more is covered in this course created 100% by industry experts.

Thanks to this industry-leading training, you’ll have the most current information as our PALS course was created by certified and licensed healthcare providers. The National CPR Association’s PALS certification online option is the industry’s leading way to achieve quick and effective certification.

Working from the very latest AHA guidelines and important research, the National CPR Association team set out to craft a streamlined and intuitive courses program. This goal-oriented path to Pediatric Advanced Life Support certification is the ideal way to achieve your PALS certification.

100% Online Materials, Unlimited Free Practice Tests, Tests and More

That means ensuring your PALS is as streamlined of a process as possible. Tremendous effort went into the creation of this course. Our team of licensed healthcare professionals created a results-oriented PALS course that helps you maximize every moment of your study time. In short, you’ll learn more and do so in less time. We imagined what students would really want from a PALS online training course, and then we built it from the ground up. The end result is a ground-breaking approach to PALS certification. All materials are completely online, and we even provide unlimited, free practice tests and unlimited, free exam retakes.

We Continue to SupportYou for Years to Come

At the National CPR Association, we firmly believe in the power of information, education and continued support. That is why we continue to support you even after you’ve successfully passed. For two-years after you pass your PALS exam, you’ll be able to access our industry-leading training  modules for free.

Once you pass your exam, our team will email you a PDF PALS Certification card. On this card, you’ll find important information includingthe date you passed, your name, the name of your instructor and his or her medical license number.

The Most Effective, Effective and Results-Driven Pediatric Advanced Life Support Certification

The bottom line is that nothing is more important than caring for a young life. PALS training allows you to gain important and potentially lifesaving information regarding topics ranging from infant and child cardiopulmonary arrest to respiratory management and more. This potentially lifesaving course deserves effective training that is geared towards increased understanding and knowledge.

Take Advantage of Your Technological Preferences

Since all of our study materials and testing are done exclusively online, you can study at your own pace and whenever you like. We’ve even created software that is compatible with devices ranging from desktops and laptops to devices such as smartphones and iPads. We want your learning to be remarkably efficient and effective.

The Industry’s Leading Pediatric Advanced Life Support Certification Option

At the National CPR Association, we believe that you deserve the very best PALS course possible. We’ve worked with leading licensed medical professionals to create a PALS course of exceptional quality and value. All of our materials are painstakingly evaluated, reevaluated and checked for their accuracy, because we understand the critical importance of quality PALS training. Our training course materials and didactic materials are highly reliable and conform to the 2024 American Heart Association (AHA) and ILCOR guidelines. Our team is here to guide you through the PALS certification process and help you achieve your certification in the most optimal way possible.

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